Fertile Mental Habitat

No configuration of squiggles or grunts, inside or outside your head will ever capture the complexity of the world (and beyond). Just because these configurations aren’t perfect though doesn’t mean they can’t be useful.

A highly imperfect but useful squiggle is as follows:

Input = Output

Here I’m talking about your mind – you get out what you put in.

One thing brains do is combine old ideas to make new ones. A brain inputted with hours of E channel will make new theories of celebrity gossip. If a brain is inputted with quality information, fit ideas will have sex with each other to produce fit offspring.

Better creativity.

A brain bombarded with notifications and background radio has more input. In a crowded mental habitat the important stuff blends in. With less volume the information that is in there stands out.

Better memory.

Too much input puts a lid over good ideas which may want to bubble to the surface.

The benefits of selective input are equivalent to meditating, a perfect compliment. If meditating is difficult though it’s a perfect starting point.


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