Why Finish?

‘I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong’  Bertrand Russell apparently

Humans are odd.

We like ideas because they’re located inside our skulls and dislike the ones outside. Pretty silly considering there’s much more out than in.

You want to be smart. So you read smart stuff all day long from age 15 to 100. By the time your 100 the information you’ve downloaded will be less percentage of the total than when you started.

Our brain isn’t a rational filter anyway.

I’m some guy who once thought MMS would make me healthy. Given the foibles of my evolved monkey brain ‘I dunno’ is probably a good place to start.

I dunno but I’m trying to be less dumb.


My MMS infused monkey synapses figure your probably better off having unfinished thoughts. It seems more energy should be sent to proving your ideas wrong than right, given the weight of human bias. Standing by your beliefs means you’ve stopped thinking.

In business, smart people fail fast. Thinkers rarely embrace idea failure.

Being epistemologically humble I’d probably keep saying ‘probably’ but that’s the last one I swear. I’ve built this tiny corner of the internet to figure out all the ways I’m being stupid. Yelling loudly from my little corner without apology seems a decent path. The feedbacks better this way.

Oh and hopefully you dig some of it too.


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